Minimalism: When less is more

Life is straightforward, and its fundamentals lay within the worth of simplicity and by having less to form a happier life. In this blog, VANO will go deeper into the topic of minimalism and provide you with tips on how to create a minimalistic lifestyle.

Let’s start with a relatively simple first step: defining minimalism. The Minimalists website states that minimalism is, “a tool which will assist you in searching out freedom. The fogeys over at Becoming Minimalist say that minimalism is, “not external, but internal.”

In short, there are plenty of definitions of the minimalist lifestyle. Minimalism is about internal and external priorities. Would I like to invest my time, energy, and space into this person, place, or thing? If not, then simply don’t and let go of it. Start by taking it slow to define what minimalism means to you. Underneath, we’ve provided a couple of tips to guide you in your journey of living a minimalistic lifestyle.


Minimalism: What does it all mean?

Emails, bills, brochures, and an important note from your child’s school.After reading through all of them, you set them on the kitchen counter, too tired to deal with any of them. Throughout the week, you continue to create a mail pile that appears to be completely overwhelming by the end of the week.

The only touch it once rules state that we should always only touch paperwork on only one occasion because if not, it’ll take up twice the most amount of our time. In today’s world, we will apply this same rule to emails or texts.

For example, you just got an email from your boss asking if you will be able to substitute a colleague at work next week. You read it over, but you don’t want to invest the time to reply. Days later, feel the need to respond to the email and do so. What you’ve just done is invested twice the amount of your time and energy into the replying.

Try “touching” mail, documents, emails, and texts only one time. that doesn’t mean that you must respond immediately to every text and email you receive.

The yoga for service and work is called Karma Yoga. Maybe you’ve decided it’s time to clean out your closet, but you’re having a hard time letting go of some items. Find a region shelter or NGO where you are willing to donate your clothing to. Consider those that will get pleasure from your donation.


Take a deep breath and close your eyes

Take a deep breath, and close your eyes. Imagine how this item that you feel unsure of letting go of will bring a huge smile to someone else’s face. By realizing how the things that you give away can help others out and make them happy, you’ll gain motivation to live a more minimalist lifestyle.

If cleaning out your house or apartment is part of your plan to live the minimalist lifestyle. Start by asking yourself when the last time was that you just used the item you consider to get rid of. When people are cleaning out their closet, an often heard excuse is: ”But I might want to wear it again sometime” to a shirt or dress that they’ve not worn in three years. An honest rule of thumb is to ask if you wore that clothing item the previous season. If not, let go of this item as hard as it sometimes can get.

You can also apply this strategy to other categories of things. For example, take a look at your tableware. have you used it within the past six months? If not, get rid of it.

To gain a motive to love, the minimalist lifestyle gets social and network with other minimalists. For example: try contacting a bunch of friends or neighbors to organize a garage sale. Engage on social media by sharing pictures of your minimalist choices to others who are also pursuing the minimalist life. These people can motivate you, and besides that, you can also exchange tips with each other.

If you reside with a roommate or partner, spend your time talking about what quite a space you would like to create. And, therefore, the way you will be ready to support each other in releasing attachments to material goods.

hilly terrain covered with snow under cloudy sky

The highest spiritual practice is self-observation without judgment

Kripalvananda once said, “The highest spiritual practice is self-observation without judgment.” As you progress toward releasing people, places, feelings, and shoes notice how it feels to discard these items.

Most significantly, pay close attention to your internal feelings of lightness and weight. Many people say to notice that living the minimalist lifestyle feels lighter and leads to feelings of freedom. Whatever comes, just notify.

Have you already taken steps to live a more minimalist lifestyle? Has minimalism brought you more freedom? Please let us know and feel free to provide tips and engage with other minimalists in the comments.

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